Oral hygiene is an important area of health for many people. The field of dentistry has many different areas that help people improve the look of their smile. For example, orthodontics offers treatment plans that help protect a bite, creates straight teeth and allows the teeth to fully perform the functions they were intended for. Regardless of age group, orthodontists can help both kids and adults regarding their dental issues. Dr. Garland Davis is an orthodontist who does just that.

A Visit To The Orthodontist

Typically, a referral by a general dentist is required. Once this occurs, the orthodontist may do several things to determine the course of the treatment plan. This includes an examination, photographs, X-rays, and models of the teeth. The orthodontist may do all of these methods, or they may pick and choose which ones they need. Once the results are obtained, a second visit is usually scheduled to go over the plan and the amount of time required for treatment (usually two years). Since many treatment plans are not completely covered by insurance, the office does provide its patients with financing options.

Common Treatment Plans Offered

Braces and retainers are two very common treatment plans for many people. Braces are metal wires that are attached to teeth to position and straighten them. They can also be used to correct a bite. Many adults also wear braces. However, many decide to get Invisalign. This is a much more subtle approach than wires around the teeth. Retainers are custom made to fit the mouth correctly. They are used to close a gap between teeth, correct a bite and to move a tooth into its correct position and spacing. They are made out of plastic and metal and are typically worn at night.

Oral care is an area that should be taught at a very young age. Dental visits should be done twice a year. This will ensure that issues do not go unnoticed. The area of orthodontics helps kids and adults achieve their perfect smile. Call today to set up a consultation appointment to see what treatment plans would be best for you.