This is Why Iran and Syria are Inseparable Entities

These two Asian nations of Iran and Syria are well known all over the world. These two nations may not be told apart owing to the fact that they have so many things in common. The single most distinguishable difference that there is between these two nations is as a result in the way the two nations perceive their modes of governance. In Iran, the ruling is based on the ruling Baath Party which is perceived to be secular unlike that of Syria which is considered one that is founded on the tenets of Arabic rulership.

Although there is a difference in the mode of governance for the two nations, there is a lot that is common for these two nations. The two nations have grown into this close alliance ever since the days of the Iran and Iraq war. In the days of this warfare, Syria took sides with the Iranian nation to strengthen it against her enemy Iraq. A close tie such as this that was formed in a time of a dire crisis as this has never weakened nor been broken by any known force.

One of the benefits of the above military tie was that it was used to battle the then president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein who was seen as an enemy for both Syria and Iran. This tie was also used by the Iranian nation to repel the forces of Israeli and the United States from spreading their influence into this nation. The military tie is not only unidirectional from the Syrian nation to the Iranian one but has also been bidirectional in the sense that the Syrian government has sought the military support of her ally at numerous recorded times.

When we talk of the ties between the two nations of Syria and Iran, we cannot conclude without taking into account the anti-terrorism alliance that exists between them. In this tie, Iraq and Iran are also members in the fight against terrorism. The alliance was formed mainly for purposes of frustrating terrorist activities in the nations which are a part of the alliance. This formation has its headquarters located in the city of Baghdad, the Iraqi’s capital city.

Something else that we all should note is the fact that notwithstanding the many adversities that have faced these two nations, their unity is still unbroken. One of those adversities is the listing of both Iran and Syria as sponsors of terror by the western powers. With all these ties we thus can conclude that Syria is indeed Iran and Iran is also Syria.

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